Mindful Living & Care offers a comprehensive agenda of home services to custom tailor a care program to fit your family’s needs.

We proudly offer Active and Veteran Military discounts on all of our services. Please contact us today for more information.

NOTE: This is not a complete list, please call 815-265-6615 for more details.

Adult-Senior Care

Adult/Senior Care

It is now more important than ever that our seniors and maturing adults age comfortably in place. Adult care through an assisted living facility can be costly as the price of care is consistently rising. Aging at home is hands-down the most preferred living arrangement. Having friends or family as a caregiver is stressful for all, and takes away from the time spent together to visit and enjoy each other’s company. This is especially true if you are part of the Sandwich Generation.

Perhaps you only need a caregiver for a short period of time while recovering from surgery, or only part time for a few hours each week. Whatever your needs, Mindful Living & Care is here to help. Please contact us for a full list of services and a free consultation to customize a care plan.

Home Safty Check

General Services

  • Meal preparation and cleanup
  • Light housekeeping
  • Laundry
  • Transportation to appointments and events
  • Medication reminders
  • Bathing
  • Dressing
  • Grooming
  • Trips to recreational events
  • Overnight care/ watch in any setting

Project Services

  • Grocery shopping, household supply shopping
  • Banking tasks
  • Take clients cars for services, repairs, DMV inspections
  •  Provide elder care checks
  • Deliver documents to doctors, landlords, tenants, law offices
  • Handle mailing of packages, purchasing of stamps, or other mailing supplies
  • Coordinate household repairs

Animal Care Services

  • Provide fresh water and food
  • Take pets on daily walks
  • Clean litter boxes, cages, yard
  • Provide transportation to groomer or vet
  • Pick up and deliver pet supplies

Maternal Care

Maternal Care

Pregnancy and parenthood can be challenging experiences; lack of sleep and the worry of the additional responsibilities can put a damper on all the joy and excitement.  Lucky for you, Mindful Living & Care offers an affordable solution! Whether you need help around the house before or after the baby comes, we can be there to assist you. Please contact us to hear about our individualized Prenatal and Postnatal plans. We will schedule a free consultation to customize a maternal care plan to service all your needs.

Listed below are brief explanations of the maternity services offered, please contact us for a free consultation.

Prenatal Services:

If your pregnancy requires bed rest let our caregiver handle all of the chores, and all of the activities like childcare, shopping, and meals that you do not have the energy to do. Our mindful caregiver will ensure that you are rested and relaxed and ready for your new arrival.

Postnatal Services:

Our mindful caregiver can be scheduled to visit every day and night, gradually reducing over time as needed. We will offer physical and emotional support as you adjust to the next step in life, and provide advice and support throughout the postnatal period for however long you choose.

Maternal Care Services:

  • Both Pre and Post Natal Care offered
  • Bottle feeding support and assistance with same
  • Night feeding support
  • Bathing, dressing and skin care support
  • Cleaning of baby’s room and equipment
  • Night feeding

Maternal Care
Child Care

Child Care

Parenting is one of the most rewarding lifestyles. It is also one of the most exhausting! Feeling like your life is overbooked and under-resourced? If you’re struggling to find enough time in the day for work, home, family and yourself then Mindful Living & Care has a solution for you! We offer customizable care plans to meet your needs. Contact us to set up a free consultation and Home Safety Check

Child Care Sitting Service:

  • Organize arts and crafts projects
  • Supervise and participate in games and activities
  • Take them to the park to play
  • Transport them to sporting/ after school activities
  • Take educational field trips


Please contact us for more information.

Home Safety Check

We provide a free home safety assessment by using a mobile-enabled safety checklist to ensure the house is safe and ready for a caregiving. We use a built-in home safety assessment tool to verify the home is safe. We send the report to the client or family members. Contact us today for more information!

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